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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Some more funny things my kids have said

By request of Aunt Ann, I'm writing some more funnies

*When Cade found out we were having a girl, he told his teacher that he thought our children's sexes would be a pattern, thus it should h*ave been boy, girl, boy instead of boy, girl, girl...thus he said that he guessed now the new pattern would be boy, girl, girl, boy   UMM...don't know about that Cade

*When I asked him what he thought about the name Maddie Grace, he said he liked it okay but then thought for another minute and said, "Well, it IS a good yelling name."

*Bailey told me her tummy was feeling funny. A few minutes later, I asked her how her tummy was feeling, and her reply was "bossy".

*While we were driving through a highway construction zone by our house, Cade was upset by all of the trees being cut down and indignantly said "I wish Uncle Charlie were here because he's a Marine and part of the government and has 50 men and 2 tanks. They would listen to him and stop pulling up the trees."

*Bailey just said that Maddie Grace was the greatest treasure of all.

*One night at dinner, we were answering our Table Topics question of the day which was, "What one superpower would you like to have?" Cade told Josh, I know your superpower could be overexxagerating.

*Cade said that he hoped Josh would get a big grill when we moved  to Texas. He said, "What's a man in Texas that doesn't know how to grill?"

The Importance of Liking Your Job: By Cade Horton

Cade wrote this paragraph in class:

It is impatant that you like your job and now (know) about your job because if you don't you wont get alot of money.And if you don't like your job you will get very bord. And you will need to like your jod or you will not do good and will not be able to pay for your house. And you might have to send your child to a orphinage. And you might have to go to the poor house. And you will not be able to pay for your car. So if I were you I would get a job you like.

Very sage advice from a 2nd grader

I want to go back to Pre-K

Bailey has the most fun class ever! It makes me want to be in Pre-K again!! Bailey's teacher Mrs. Morrow never misses an opportunity to make learning so much fun! I have had a blast being the room mom and volunteering in Bay's class each week with the sweetest pre-k ers EVER!

For the letter P, they had pajama day. Bailey looked forward to this day all month. They even got to bring in a "P"snack, which made for an interesting smorgasboard.

Mrs.Morrow in her frog pj's

The kids ate cheese puffs, pigs in a blanket, pickles, pretzels, peppermint patties, pringles, pancakes, and popsicles (such a healthy and delicious snack :) They LOVED it, though!

For their special chapel, the kids had to dress up based on what they wanted to be when they grew up. Bailey said that she wanted to be a princess working at DisneyWorld or a doctor, whichever made more money. I told her that she should pick the one that sounded like the most fun! So, a princess she was. Cade made the most hilarious comment during the play...he asked "So, why are all the boys dressed up like "real jobs" and all the girls are dressed up like princesses?" It was a funny and true observation and I told him he should get used to it because girls do dream about and love to be treated like princesses. He's a trip!

Bailey and her friend, Caelan were both dressed like Ariel

Another fun event in Pre-K happened when Sean Sean the Leprechaun came for a visit. He left clues in the morning as to where he could be found. They searched all over the school that morning, but could never find him. Alas, when they returned to their classroom, this is how he left it!! All the kids were mystified and celebrated with green snacks and lots of gold coins! Bailey was so excited to tell me all about it when she came home that afternoon.

My Fabulous Baby Shower

Although it is after the fact, I have to share pictures of my amazing baby shower that my friend Shannon threw at her house. She had a cute, unique theme of yellow, black, and white. It was so different...I LOVED it! My friends, Maureen and Yvette, were also hostesses and they were all color coordinated with the theme. Shannon's mom is the chef extraoirdinaire and made a fabulous brunch of fruit and granola parfait, blueberry and cheese blintzes, egg casserole, cream cheese cinnamon bites, and these yummy broiled tomatoes. My friend, Cindy, brought the most beautiful black and white matelasse looking cake. Maureen planned some fun games, in honor of my love of games! It was a fun morning with some really special friends. I wished that I had more pictures of all the guests, but my photographer friend, Jamie, came in with her awesome camera and took over picture taking duties.
The kids LOVED the candy bar

Mrs. Shirley prepared a fabulous brunch
My fabulous and sweet friends, Maureen, Shannon, and Yvette
My walking and pedicure buddy, Joyce
The precious big/little sister, Bailey Anne. She looked so gorgeous and had so much fun helping me open all the fun baby gifts
Lindsay Knotts can't wait to meet Maddie Grace
My incredible friend, Christinne and her sweet as can be Zoe

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Just Gotta Brag a Little

Sometimes the things my kids do blow me away...other times I am frustrated when they don't want to try something new that I know they would love, but THEY think is too scary. Well, this post is about when they blow me away. Cade with his gung ho attitude in karate and both Cade and Bailey with their adventurous and perserverance in a few activities that we have done recently! Here's some pics and explanations of what these are!
Cade worked really hard and was so excited to earn his yellow belt. He loves to practice his karate moves all the time and is so brave to be in a class with some other students that are in their teen years. Karate has been a big confidence builder for Cade.
Josh and I took Cade and Bailey to a really cool place called "Jungle Quest" which is a high adventure ropes course style playground. When I first saw the set up, I did not know whether Bay was going to do ANY of it. Not only did she try and love every single thing, but she actually climbed to the top of the rock wall (which was probably about 20 ft. tall) and rang the bell. She was quite nervous and would stop on her way up, and each time the girl holding the rope would ask us if we wanted her to bring her down, she would move one more step  towards the top. She was a total Rock Star! Cade and Bailey's favorite thing was the zip line. It looked like so much fun that I wanted to try it too, but maybe not being 7 months pregnant!

The last event that Cade and Bailey participated in that made me so proud was their school's Race 4 Education. It is a fund raiser fun run they have each year. Family and friends donate to the school based on the number of laps that the students run. I was flipping my lid when Bailey ran18 laps which is about  4 1/2 miles and Cade ran 24 laps which is about  6 miles. They did all this in one hour!! It is truly amazing what kids can do. It was a fun day, with music pumping, snow cones, pizza, and fun jumps. This is one of the most fun days of the year at Pinewood Christian!

Love Bailey's big smile of accomplishment. We were so proud!

Cade was quite the serious runner...he was awesome!!

Cade and his running buddies

Cade and his sweet teacher, Mrs. Toalson

Maddie's Coming Home Outfit and her First Bath

It was so much fun to dress Maddie up in her sweet little white dress for the first time. She looked so sweet...she's a little angel!

Maddie loved her first bath. She was so calm and sweet and it is a little piece of heaven to hold a clean baby that smells like Johnson's baby lotion.

Maddie's first doctor's appointment went off without a hitch. She had gained 5 oz. since we left the hospital, which was good because they were a little worried about her weight loss. We also got good news about her jaundice, which was another area of concern. Thank you Lord for a sweet, healthy baby!